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A new style of U.S. infant formula founded by moms.

Bobbie was founded by Laura Modi (CEO) and Sarah Hardy (COO) following their own struggles with breastfeeding.

Becoming an entrepreneur myself now, I have realized that the currency to join a startup is really energy. It's passion. It’s your connection to what’s being built. – Laura Modi

Bobbie is a mom-founded and led Organic Infant Formula company that exists to build a parenting culture of confidence, not comparison, where every parent is supported in the feeding choice that is right for them and their baby. As the first organic European-style infant formula that is made in the U.S. and meets FDA requirements, Bobbie launched as a direct-to-consumer company and offers a subscription service to parents across the U.S.

Laura Modi (Mom of 3) comes as an executive in the tech industry and is bringing her disruptive background to change this stagnant space of formula. She has successfully raised $22M in funding (both times pregnant). Sarah (Mom of 2) has led operations teams at Airbnb for 7 years, where she wrote the company’s first parental leave policy with the arrival of her first born in 2014.


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