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Attn: Grace

A sustainable personal care brand disrupting the incontinence segment.

Co-Founders and Co-CEOs: Mia Abbruzzese and Alexandra Fennell founded Attn: Grace in 2019 after learning first-hand just how un-evolved and chemical-laden personal care products for “older women” are.

Inclusivity and intersectionality have never been more important. They need to become the default — without exception. – Alexandra Fennell

Attn: Grace is the first sustainable personal care brand for women (and by women) as they age, designing skin-safe, modern solutions for age-old problems. Their collection includes the first and only full line of non-toxic, high-performance liners, pads, briefs and wipes designed for the 1-in-3 women living with urinary incontinence.

Their mission is to destigmatize women’s changing needs as we age, not just with better, skin-safe products, but by elevating and fundamentally reframing how we experience our bodies and the process of caring for them over time.


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