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The most comprehensive family benefits support system for working families.

Sarahjane Sacchetti brings her experience both as a veteran tech executive and a busy mother of two to lead team Cleo as its CEO.

Cleo is a family benefits platform that provides personalized guidance and support to parents. Offered exclusively through employers as a benefit to their employees, Cleo guides working families every step of the way from the early planning stages, through expecting a child, to parenting children age 12 and beyond. Families work one-on-one with their own Cleo “Guide,” a trained and certified expert whose personalized support is designed to make life’s major (and minor) moments easier.

Cleo’s mission is to transform the perception and experience of being a working family from a disadvantage to an edge in America’s workforce. Today, Cleo’s network of local Guides and Specialists provides one-to-one support in 55 countries and more than 13 languages.


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