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Our Strategy

We take a comprehensive gender-lens approach to our portfolio, which consists of both direct investments and fund investments that are female-led, and strive to improve women’s lives. With a particular focus on mothers, we invest in businesses that support the full female experience, through revolutionary maternal and infant health products; innovative Fam- and Fem-tech solutions; and pioneering tools for professional and financial empowerment.

Our approach allows us to support trailblazing female founders, investors and leaders, while targeting market-rate returns on all our investments. The result is a diverse set of high-growth, early-stage companies spanning multiple sectors.


Our Women. Our Future.

We believe women can’t have true equity without having financial independence. Ingeborg Investments is passionate about helping women build their own capital. Our dynamic community of women founders, investors and leaders brings a diverse breadth of perspective and experience that is poised to shape the next generation of products, services, business models and workplaces.

We look for companies that put the female consumer first. As an all-female fund, Ingeborg Investments is uniquely positioned to identify and support companies that are innovating, creating and improving the experiences and opportunities of the female consumer, professional and parent.

Portfolio Spotlights

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