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Our Mission


Ingeborg Investments empowers and amplifies the voices, talents and needs of women entrepreneurs and the communities they serve. When women are empowered financially, our societies and economies thrive. But today, of the $150 billion invested in venture capital funds, only 2% goes to women-led businesses. We want to change that. Ingeborg Investments strives to close the funding gap by investing in women-led and women-focused startups and funds. Learn more about our leadership.


Our Values

  1. We believe in the disruptive power of women’s ideas.

  2. We believe women are natural leaders.

  3. We believe successful women empower successful families.

  4. We believe diversity adds value.

Why We Do It

Women are effective leaders. Diversity in leadership leads to increased creativity, better decision-making, better employee retention rates, and higher profitability. Women are at the forefront of this move towards more diverse, and more effective, business strategies.


According to The Harvard Business Review, women leaders are rated favorably on all levels of business success, including problem analysis and solving, innovation, and initiative – all key qualities for successful entrepreneurs.

Women deliver higher revenues. In a study from Boston Consulting Group, women-led start-ups generated more than twice as much revenue per dollar invested – 78 cents for every dollar of funding compared to just 31 cents.


Based on 10 years of data from seed-stage venture firm First Round, start-ups with a female founder performed 63% better than companies with less diversity in leadership, in terms of return on investment.


Female-founded companies are quicker to show results. Companies founded by women have consistently exited start-up stages faster—through acquisitions or IPOs—than the broader VC market. The same trend largely holds true for startups with female CEOs.


And yet…. It’s more difficult for women-owned companies to access capital.


Despite their performance, women struggle to find funding.

In an interview with PitchBook, Annie Parker, Director of Equity and Inclusion, Microsoft for Startups, says, “A significant number of women are still being left out of the equation, not because they lack the potential to start a successful company, but because they live outside major cities, don't have networks from elite institutions, or don’t have to the capital build out their solutions and teams.”


Only 2% of venture capital dollars go toward women-founded businesses, and 15% to those with a woman on the leadership team.


The average loan for women-owned businesses is nearly one-third less than for male-owned businesses. 

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